TCI and MCG: Working together for healthcare empowerment

In mid 2012 Tallahassee Cancer Institute (TCI) began the process of designing and developing our website, It wasn't long into the process that TCI realized the depth of the project and need for professional assistance. Having observed the nice website presence of another Tallahassee healthcare provider, TCI engaged Moore Communications Group, (MCG) to design and develop our new website.

Just as TCI prescribes and treats each of its patients according to individual circumstance and need, MCG approached our website project with the same professional attention. Before any design work began, the MCG team learned about the TCI team and explored the practice's brand. Through listening and learning on the front-end of the project, MCG brought forth communication recommendations and ultimately developed a new logo for TCI, all of which were vital to the success of the website development.

MCG further recommended the services of a professional photographer to capture the true picture of our working healthcare environment, as well as highlighting some of our patient testimonies on the new website. The use of photos of the TCI and those we have the honor to serve truly brought our new website project to life. MCG made sure the photos would have multiple uses for TCI in future communications materials.

Every aspect of the website project was handled in a professional working relationship between TCI and MCG. The MCG digital media team made sure TCI was including design for the best user experience, search engine optimization and integration of social media.

Tallahassee Cancer Institute is proud of our new website and we know it will serve our patients in the same professional manner they have been accustomed to from our entire staff. We are also grateful for the smart approach, keen insight and sharp design that Moore Communications Group provided to make this project a tremendous success. TCI and MCG - a great example of talent and teamwork creating success.

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